Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Yes, Again

We moved.

This summer has been non-stop. It started with packing up our house and sticking everything in storage, and then a quick trip to the lower 48. We flew to NC and I stayed about a day before getting in my little red cherry drop and heading west. I got to see my dear friend's there, and wished I had more time to spend with each of them. I drove to CO and got to see my family there (miss you all!), and after a night, drove to Utah for a couple of days to visit my mom, grandma, and sister. Then I flew back to Alaska. I had a three week, eight hour a day, very intensive 5 credit hour class that started the next day. After that was over, I had a brief Saturday and Sunday break, and then started my new job in Anchorage. I also took another two classes totaling ten credit hours this summer, bought a new car (I spent a lot of time fixing my other one up, but no one ever actually got it to run correctly and it kept dying.), bought a new house, moved everything from storage to the new house (thanks mom and sis for coming up and helping!), did some sight-seeing with mom, and phew! Now it's time to unpack! I have been in the house about a week, and it is still complete chaos. I could also rant a bit about how hard it is to find someone that does their job well (like aforementioned mechanics, the remodeling done in this house, or the repairs to said remodeling, or the skipped things that no one will notice until you move in, or lawn maintenance, or cleaners who don't know the difference between polyester and cotton...).

Haha - now I have been here a month...not much has changed. Still upside down and crazy. :)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Bitterroot Shawl

IMG_0860 by hickorie
IMG_0860, a photo by hickorie on Flickr.

Knit with Handmaiden cotton - silk - love their yarns and colors!

Ishbel Shawl

010 by hickorie
010, a photo by hickorie on Flickr.

Knit with the most lovely Handmaiden Bess yarn...so soft!


During which time we awaken from our hibernation and try to start EVERYTHING again. ☺

Here's what's been on my needles:

Several quick hats, two shawls, and a mobius scarf. Sharing some pics with Blogger - hopefully they will show. They are also on my Ravelry projects page: http://www.ravelry.com/projects/hickorie

There is a contest over at A Playful Day (and also a new knitting podcast) - worth mentioning because the prize is a pattern by the lovely Asa Tricosa designs. I'm so enamored with sideways shawls right now - I foresee one on the needles very soon!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Jello

Every year, my mom made a layered Jello salad for Christmas. This is about the only time I eat Jello. (I know it's one of Utah's main staples, but I just get grossed out by it.) But, I do indulge at Christmas, and so this year made my own version. Here's the recipe:

First Layer
1 lg package lime Jello - make as directed on package, for bottom layer. Let set most of the way and then add second layer.

Second Layer
Blend one small container cottage cheese and one drained (set juice aside for later) can of crushed pineapple. Set aside.

Boil one cup of water - add one large packet of lemon Jello and dissolve. While still on heat (lowered), add 1/2 package miniature marshmallows and 1 eight ounce package cream cheese (I cut the cream cheese into small cubes). Stir and allow marshmallows and cream cheese to melt. Remove from heat, add pineapple juice and cottage cheese - pineapple mix. Spread over green layer. Let set most of the way before adding third layer.

Third Layer
Make one large package red Jello as directed on package. Add one package frozen raspberries and then pour over second layer. Let set and eat!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cool Site of the Day - Gapminder

I am getting back into the swing of things, shifting from a very-low tech classroom to teaching online again. Keeping up with what is going on online, what tools and sites are out there, etc., takes so much time. So, as reference for myself, and to share, I am going to start posting cool sites I find. A lot of them are related to education, but some are just cool in general.

I love looking at figures and comparing changes between areas and time. This site is perfect for this - it has statistical data from around the world available. I love that you can select variables, countries, time span, etc., and actually play it to watch the changes over time. http://www.gapminder.org/

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cranberry Happiness

The week was rather dreary and rainy (I am not a rain person at all!), but we were rewarded with a spectacularly glorious weekend. Yesterday, I went cranberry picking with my friend Kenna and her dog, Attie (who had the worst gas! ACK!). We found a ton of cranberries, and they were riper than when we went last time. We didn’t stay for too long, maybe a couple of hours, and I got about a gallon of lovely berries. I’m so excited! I already made some cranberry pecan bread with a few from the last batch. I also have a recipe for a yeast bread made with pumpkin, nuts, and cranberries that I want to try, and a recipe for cranberry salsa. Cranberry scones, in carrot cake, and just sauce for turkey! Do you have any favorite cranberry recipes or uses? (Haha – although I don’t think I will be using them to make “hootch” as one of my co-workers suggested.)

One of the coolest things while we were out picking was the cranes flying overhead. They kind of circle around, squawking their way along. I have a short video – if you turn up your sound you may hear them.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fall in My Yard

I also have a bunch of quick pictures that I took of my house before I moved in, posted to flickr, if you are interested in seeing the purple house. Yes, it really is purple. You can call it lavender or lilac, but really, it's still purple. ☺

Friday, September 10, 2010

I Prefer to Be Called a Pioneer, Thanks

Someone out exploring, trying new things, seeing the world, adventuring, breaking new path, starting new projects...not the settler that comes in afterwards and makes it habitable. In other words...could I possibly have any more projects planned and started? All my goals of last spring to finish projects has been seriously ridiculed by my need to cast on, or cut, or buy supplies. And, moving to a new state, new house, means lots of newness needed. I no longer need a cute summer top - I need a comfy cardigan! A new scarf! And leg warmers! Must make rugs for the very bare and empty house! Quilts for the guest beds! Wall hangings! And a king sized, lots of little pieces, quilt for my bed! Gifts for new babies (oh - and as a mother, would you prefer machine or hand wash? Do you prefer gender colors, or something more neutral?)!

Ha! Progress pending...