Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cranberry Happiness

The week was rather dreary and rainy (I am not a rain person at all!), but we were rewarded with a spectacularly glorious weekend. Yesterday, I went cranberry picking with my friend Kenna and her dog, Attie (who had the worst gas! ACK!). We found a ton of cranberries, and they were riper than when we went last time. We didn’t stay for too long, maybe a couple of hours, and I got about a gallon of lovely berries. I’m so excited! I already made some cranberry pecan bread with a few from the last batch. I also have a recipe for a yeast bread made with pumpkin, nuts, and cranberries that I want to try, and a recipe for cranberry salsa. Cranberry scones, in carrot cake, and just sauce for turkey! Do you have any favorite cranberry recipes or uses? (Haha – although I don’t think I will be using them to make “hootch” as one of my co-workers suggested.)

One of the coolest things while we were out picking was the cranes flying overhead. They kind of circle around, squawking their way along. I have a short video – if you turn up your sound you may hear them.



hillbillyknitter said...

Now that's UBER HAPPY! :)

Kathy said...

I love my cranberries dried and mixed with peanuts for a snack. No sugar added. I love the sweet tartness of plain dried cranberries that haven't had sugar added to them. There is a series of kids books that have a cranberry recipe in the back of them. Our library has them and I've copied a couple of the recipes to try.

Mrs.Q said...

Mmmmmm! Sounds delicious, all of it!

Myownigloo said...

Love the cranes!