Friday, September 10, 2010

I Prefer to Be Called a Pioneer, Thanks

Someone out exploring, trying new things, seeing the world, adventuring, breaking new path, starting new projects...not the settler that comes in afterwards and makes it habitable. In other words...could I possibly have any more projects planned and started? All my goals of last spring to finish projects has been seriously ridiculed by my need to cast on, or cut, or buy supplies. And, moving to a new state, new house, means lots of newness needed. I no longer need a cute summer top - I need a comfy cardigan! A new scarf! And leg warmers! Must make rugs for the very bare and empty house! Quilts for the guest beds! Wall hangings! And a king sized, lots of little pieces, quilt for my bed! Gifts for new babies (oh - and as a mother, would you prefer machine or hand wash? Do you prefer gender colors, or something more neutral?)!

Ha! Progress pending...


Kathy said...

I've had to be really tough with myself to finish up all my wips. I am almost there. I did let myself have some small, quick projects to keep myself happy.

As a mom, I like to get machine wash things. And I like colors that aren't gender based. However, I make all the knit or crochet things my kids wear and I sometimes make hand wash stuff. For other people, I always make things that washing machine friendly.

It can be very exciting to make a new home. Enjoy it!

Dave and Lisa said...

You make me smile, Rebecca. I think you are way more ambitious than I will ever be! Maybe I used to have bigger ideas, but now I get tired so fast with just keeping up the house that my brain never gets far beyond that. That's probably not a great thing.

Anyway, as for this new mom, machine wash is the only way I go. I am lazy with that kind of thing, especially when babies make SO MUCH dirty laundry. But do not feel like you need to make anything for us -- I think you should outfit your cute purple house instead! Maybe we'll make it up to Delta this fall to visit. You guys are always welcome to come down our way, too!